Warranty Requests

Warranty Requests must be submitted in writing.   

The best way to submit requests is by using Builder Trend to login to your dashboard.

You can also submit a request by completing the form on this page or in writing to Beacon Builders LLC.; PO Box 78483; Indianapolis, IN 46250.   For non-emergency items, we recommend that you accumulate items to minimize the amount of time you will spend attending inspections.  Before you submit a request please review your Homeowners Manual to determine whether or not the items are covered.

Emergencies – Emergencies are defined as total loss or heat, total loss of electricity, or total loss of plumbing, or any situation that makes the house unsafe to occupy.  In these cases we recommend that you check and make sure the situation is not area-wide, such as a power outage, and that the situation is confined to your specific house.  For issues that involved the safety of the dwelling we recommend you call 911.   Air conditioning is not considered an emergency.  Roof leaks or plumbing leaks can cause severe damage to your home if not addressed immediately.  If you experience a plumbing leak, immediately contact the plumber, whose number can be found on the water heater.  For all other leaks such as roof or windows, contact your project manager within 24 hours.   Leaks other than plumbing leaks usually occur due to rain and cannot be addressed during inclement weather, Leaks due to extreme weather and storms, and ice damning are not warranted.

To report an emergency, call the appropriate contractor listed on the electrical panel, furnace, or water heater.